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Ampl Releases World’s First Article Sharing Platform



Delivering a unique platform to the market, focused on News Discovery and Article Sharing in a social landscape. 



NEWS: Ampl has been selected as 1 of 10 companies to participate in the coveted SXSW tech start up-competition ‘Release It’ on March, 8th 2019. “We’re humbled and excited to launch Ampl at the prestigious SXSW pitch competition!”


Ampl is an ‘Article Sharing Platform’ allowing people to consume trusted news sources, stay updated on passions, and create conversations within articles. When you share an article on Ampl, a messenger is automatically attached and furthermore, people can highlight any part of the article to annotate and focus a discussion. Users can easily curate personalized news feeds from 300+ credible publishers and 90+ interesting topics, with a convenient feed management tool. Unlike having a single news feed that mashes everything together, Ampl’s design structure elegantly provides customizable feeds organized by Discover, Publisher, and Topic. Allowing individuals to have complete control over their article consumption and sharing experience. 


Launching a modern Article Sharing platform in today’s crowded social landscape is a challenge that Ampl has met and exceeded with its intuitive, yet familiar design. “It’s the most seamless way to discuss an article on mobile and avoid the annoying experience of screen-hopping between an article and messaging application,” said Erik Lefkowitz, Ampl’s CEO. “When you share an article with someone, you’re trying to create a discussion. We built Ampl to make article sharing fun, and to enable more discussions around people’s interests.


Ampl (link) is now available on iOS in the Appstore for your enhanced article sharing experience.


For more information, visit us at To learn more about the design, engineering, and logic that have gone into creating Ampl, or to schedule an interview with the founders, please email


Happy Article Sharing!